Health Resources and News

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Here you will find general resources and news resources for your health department and ministry.  Most resources come from the General Conference and other Adventist institutions.


GC Health Resources Page    Health, Mental Health, Addiction Recovery, Lifestyle resources, etc.


GC Health Ministries Library    PowerPoint Presentations, Documents, Videos on Heath topics.


Ask the Doctors    Find answers to some key health questions 


Official Health Statements and Guidelines    Find some official  Church Statements regarding aspects of christian life related to health (like abortion, Birth Control, Prescription Drug use abuse and dependency, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, etc.


NAD Health Ministry Page    Find useful links to different health resources 


NAD Health Ministry Resource Database    Find links tomPrograms, Products, Training, Books and more


Health Ministry Material on AdventSource    See.a catalogue of resources like Magazines (for distribution), Books, DVDs, etc. for your ministry


NAD Links to Other Health-Related Sites and Resources    Once on their page, move your mouse over the images to reveal the links to different sites, ministries and resources.


Adventist Recovery Ministries    Helping people get over addictions.  You can find their resources page by following this link.


Facts with Hope    A series of 49 short videos (some in French too) on different Health related topics.  Use them at church during announcements or any other way you want (they are available on Youtube as well).


LifestyleMatters    A vast array of resources for Healthy Living, including material for giving Health Seminars, Books, etc.